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Combined Entertainment offers a complete installation service for….. Audio, Video, Lighting, Smart Screen, Networked PA and Outdoor PA systems.

Typical Jobs:

  • Supply & install 6 moving spot lights.
  • Remove & refurbish school lighting system.
  • Supply & Install Automated AV system in school hall.
  • Fit New lighting bars and 24 LED Par cans in church.
  • Supply & fit 36ch of dimmers & digital console.
  • Supply and Install new 28Ch multicore
  • Supply & install new speakers for school PA.
  • Upgrade PA system in golf club, digital mixer & amps.
  • Supply & Install new school PA system.
  • Supply & Install studio equipment for high school.
  • Upgrade 100V PA in showground.
  • Supply & fit 6 wireless mic system for council hall.
  • Supply & install 5 teaching PA racks for TAFE
  • Supply & Fit 6 fixed microphones in Church.
  • Install Hard Disc recording system to church PA.
  • Upgrade 100V PA in equestrian centre.
  • Install two projectors & screens in school hall.
  • Upgrade cables & new IR system in church.
  • Supply new speakers & amplifiers for church PA.
  • Supply & install LED digital signage in club.
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