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Microphone Hire

Microphone Hire Sydney:

Microphones are an important aspect of clear communication and sound in an event. A little flaw in sounds can make a large distinction in sound so that microphones are integral to good sound systems.

Combined Entertainment provides microphone rental services to the Sydney area for a wide number of premier and classic microphone brands. It can be a conference, a musical recording, a wedding, or school performance, our microphone hire options will work well for your event. Our microphones are delivered with all the required accessories to set up the system. The rental includes cabling, cases and power bars.

Microphone Types:

We have a variety of wire/wireless handheld microphones, lapel mics (used by lecturers in classrooms), headset microphones (very handy for vocalists and performers), and slimline microphones (for conferences). We also provide wireless receivers that do not compromise the quality of the sound, and band kits, which are very good for recording instruments. If you need a microphone hire that also includes a combination of different speakers, amps, lighting, or video display equipment, Combined Entertainment has you covered.

Support staff:

Our specialists also help you with the installation and takedown of any equipment you may have rented from us. If you have more questions about our system or need any assistance with understanding your requirements, Combined Entertainment’s dedicated support team in Sydney will be happy to answer any questions you have. All incredible events depend on a stable framework—be they in huge antiquated venues as an adjusted play, or in little bistros looking like a live melodic act.

Understanding Microphone Quality:

With a low-quality Microphone Hire and inefficient speakers, there is a high likelihood of miscommunication. Critical parts of a speech might get muted, or worse, a joke’s punchline may get distorted if there is an error in the microphone and sound systems.

Whether you are arranging a significant event or an exclusive exhibition—without the props of a strong sound framework, you’re agreeing to inferior quality sound. Combined Entertainment’s Microphone Hire caters to large groups of customers from different businesses, for example, coordinators, organizers, events, designers, promoting associations and corporate clients. We also offer a wide choice of Microphones for Hire to take into account the different scope of work that our clients have. Craftsmen with their art supplies might be more comfortable using a lapel mic while movie producers and businesses might need wireless ones. Combined Entertainment understands the nitty-gritty to deliver quality equipment as required by clients.

If you’re looking for any assistance in planning your event or selecting the best microphone rental for your specific situation in Sydney, we are here to help. Contact us today to request a quote!

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