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If you are looking for audio enhancement for your professional meetings, events, conferences, presentations and/or seminars?  we can set up and install our state-of-the-art speakers, PA systems, headsets and any additional Audio-Visual equipment required. We have sufficient inventories of equipment to help you with any variety of events such as:

  • Classes for learning
  • Pop up eateries and food stands
  • Event Registrations
  • Concerts and other outdoor events
  • Conferences
  • Product launches
  • Weddings
  • parties

Event speaker system for hire:

Combined Entertainment offers you more than just a speaker and PA system rental. we will help you to create a memorable experience through our efficient and timely services. We have different kinds of equipment available which includes Audio Speakers, Audio Amplifiers, Audio Signal Modifiers among others. To make sure that you have a seamless experience, our expert team of technicians will install any software that you require for your speaker system before the event, so that the whole console is set up and ready-to-use.

Equipment Quality:

Combined Entertainment in Sydney offers some of the best speakers for hire. we ensure that we only have the latest equipment with us and that it is integrated with smart applications and media files. We understand that events create experiences, and for you to create the best experience for your guests it is important to have an engaging and interactive audience journey. Combined Entertainment’s Audio-Visual technology and technical services including delivery, setup, installation, digging and on-site support can help you orchestrate some beautiful moments.

Customer Loyalty:

At Combined Entertainment in Sydney, we strive to create a long-term relationship with our clients. All our efforts are focused on solidifying our reputation as a reasonable and dependable hotspot for audio/visual rentals. The key to keeping our customers in Sydney coming back to us is that we take care of all the aspects that lead to good sound quality. Starting from selection to delivery, installation, and removal of the appropriate rental equipment, our team makes sure that everything is as per the client’s needs. We have a highly efficient team of people at our distribution centre in Sydney who take care of orders, while our dedicated delivery team is trained to serve each customer in the best possible manner.  Our team guarantees that every rental request is executed as required by the client with the state-of-the-art equipment enhancing sound and delivering an amazing experience. Call us to have a consult – we are sure that our high calibre, upgraded, and well-maintained equipment will address all of your requirements.

Contact Us:

No matter what your sound requirements are, we are just one call away. Good sound quality can mean the difference between a regular and an excellent event. Be it a corporate conference, exhibition, trade show or a meeting Combined Entertainment can help you to get your sound right. For more information on how to hire event speaker systems to contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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